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Escape Town offers various online escape games that can be played independently, without human interaction, or as a group. Their offer includes fantasy, horror, and thriller genres.


Segnala | un anno fa
I discovered a really fun and immersive game. A movie to watch, solving puzzles and games to be able to continue the story. Halfway beetween an online escape room and a movie. Congratulations to the guys who invented this new form of entertainment. Well done!
Segnala | 2 anni fa
A nice trip around the world! This online adventure takes you to London, Paris, New York in search of a stolen spell. Compelling and really exciting! You spend a few hours interacting with a story structured like a multi-part film where you decide how the film will end, solving the various puzzles step by step.
Segnala | 2 anni fa
Beautiful adventure set in a magical castle, where the mission is to save the world of magic! Compelling, intriguing and above all beautiful the videos shot in a real escape room. WOW!
Segnala | 2 anni fa
ONLY FOR HORROR LOVERS! It is a very strong, dark story, where the tension is always high and where you have to succeed from the house of a maniac who is always ready to have fun with you ... The adventure is structured like a film with various chapters and this is the trademark of Escape Town. It may seem like a lot, but when you start the game and the 180-minute countdown starts, you get the feeling that it won't be enough!
Segnala | 2 anni fa
Here is a nice online adventure with a thriller atmosphere: this time we are inside an enchanted castle, full of traps, spells and otherworldly creatures. As always, the adventure is a multi-part film and the adventure is played with pleasure and curiosity.
Segnala | 2 anni fa
Second experience with the adventures of Escape Town: always better! The Monastery is a truly complex and brilliant game. The story is very nice (always structured like a multi-part film) and the puzzles are really well thought out. This time it was difficult to finish it, but luckily for each step there are help and suggestions!
Segnala | 2 anni fa
First impact with an online escape room. WOW! Even if it is certainly a different experience than a real escape room, the story is very compelling: it is a film in pieces, where to know every single chapter you have to solve puzzles, puzzles, logic games. And everything is set up as an escape room, with the time running for 180 minutes. Well done!

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